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Hester was launched in 2008 while founder Tasha Green was a writer and editor at Men's Vogue magazine. Green’s literary background brings a highly conceptual approach to design, while her lifelong passion for vintage grounds these abstract ideas in a feminine and classic form. She is compelled by the emotional experience of dressing, as a person's first level of projection, a means of escape, and an opportunity to tell a story without saying a word. Of this fantasy HESTER—a fashion alter ego—was born. She may not be a pretty girl, but the way she carries herself makes it impossible to look away; she has a granny name, but that only fuels her impudence; she is dangerous and has little regard for convention, but that only makes her the center of attention; she is unabashedly sexy even though a bit awkward; she is an innovator and an intellectual but also a coy coquette; she is hard and soft; she is of the future and the past; she is, as the French say, jolie-laide.

Tasha Green hails from Bainbridge Island, WA—located in Seattle’s Puget Sound. She moved to New York to attend Sarah Lawrence College, from which she received a liberal arts degree. She lives and works in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.